Welcome to the Frozen Academy WikiEdit

Welcome to Frozen Academy Wiki!! Here you'll have assignments and projects that some admins will grade!! Have fun!! ^_^ If you miss any projects or assigns you can just ask me on my wall and I'll reply and I'll extend your Due date/Deadline. If you're here 1 week already I'll make you an ID and if you're always active you'll get a much more higher score! And there'll be an Art Contest!! Exciting? and If your art gets chosen as the most amazing or anything... It will be featured up there!! Good Luck!! ;)


Rules Edit

  • Don't Vandalize
  • Don't Spam
  • Be Friendly to all users
  • Do your OWN assignments/projects
  • Make a new page where your assignments will be displayed
  • If you want to make a template, make one by yourself so you can learn
  • Don't be shy to ask questions to an admin

Upcoming Birthday(s)Edit

                                  MAY 2014Edit

User: Birthdate:
MeganCharpentier 26

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